Inside Look At The Mounted Unit

Sep 26 2011

The Philadelphia Police Department has partnered with Last Chance Ranch, a non-profit animal rescue group, to help us bring back the Mounted Unit! Last Chance Rance has donated three amazing rescue horses to the PPD, with two more currently in training. These fine equine officers have been donated at no cost to the Department. When they have finished their service with the PPD, they will spend their retirement back at Last Chance Ranch. Watch this video to get an inside look at how these horses have been saved, retrained, and are now serving the City of Brotherly Love along with their police officer partners. As Lieutenant Daniel McCann, head of the Mounted Patrol Unit, says, “I’ve never seen a citizen come up to me and want to pet my police car.” The Philadelphia Police Department extends its sincerest appreciation to the dedicated volunteers at Last Chance Ranch for creating this video and telling the awesome story of rescue horses turned police officers.

About Last Chance Ranch (LCR):

Last Chance Ranch (LCR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer animal rescue group. LCR rescues the old, the young, the injured, neglected, malnourished, abused, and forgotten. We accept all breeds of equines, dogs, cats, and small animals. Recently Last Chance Ranch has joined the ranks of small animal rescue groups and saved at least a few of these “kill shelter” pets from such an undignified ending to their lives. With the acquisition of an additional 25 acres, LCR is building a 10-run kennel to house pets that are awaiting their forever families. This will also allow Last Chance Ranch to house small animals in emergency or humane seizure situations. Neglect, suffering, and death often occur through ignorance rather than outright cruelty. One of our goals is to provide the new or potential pet owner knowledge so that they can properly care for their new pet. We are here for questions and instruction and are willing to teach anyone the proper care for all equines and companion animals, especially those in their senior years.

For more information and to help LCR accomplish their mission,


This article was originally posted on the Philadelphia Police Department website