Philadelphia Police Foundation Sets New Record In 2014 With Grants Of $300,000 To Philadelphia Police Department

Feb 9 2015

Nonprofit Foundation Helps Police with Unbudgeted Equipment, Training, Programs

The nonprofit Philadelphia Police Foundation in 2014 set a new record in its mission to fund unbudgeted Philadelphia Police Department equipment, training and programs. The Foundation provided $300,000 to the police department last year, an increase of 58 percent over the previous year.

Maureen Rush, Foundation Board President and Vice President for Public Safety and Superintendent of Police at the University of Pennsylvania, said the funds were used to provide a variety of strategically needed items, including ballistic vests; recording equipment for interrogation rooms at the city’s Detective Divisions and Special Victims Unit; front and back lights for Bike Patrol Units; police frontline supervisory training; funding for an enhanced police recruitment campaign; visits by rookie officers to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC; and equipment for the K9 and Mounted Patrol Units.

“The Philadelphia Police Foundation and our Board of Directors did an exception job last year to meet the goals of our Case for Support, a blueprint we created with Commissioner Charles Ramsey and his command staff to strategically identify important items that were unbudgeted, but necessary equipment, programs and training for the Philadelphia Police Department.”

The Foundation in the past two years has supported the Department with numerous grants totaling more than $500,000.

“The Philadelphia Police Foundation is more committed than ever to our men and women in blue,” Rush said. “We anticipate expanding our fund-raising and grant-making activities to address additional strategic needs in the years to come that will assist our Police Department in doing their jobs safer and more effectively.”

“Our department is grateful to the Philadelphia Police Foundation for its interest, involvement and determination to assist us in the areas of training, patrol and investigative procedures. Their contributions are invaluable to the big picture of reducing crime and making our streets safe for everyone,” Commissioner Ramsey said.

Rush thanked all of the businesses, foundations and individuals who made contributions, both large and small, to the Foundation during the year. “We are a grass roots organization in which every contribution is an investment in the safety of our city,” she added.

The Philadelphia Police Foundation ( was established in 1999 by civic and corporate leaders in the Philadelphia region as “A Force Behind the Shield.” The Foundation’s primary focus is to assist the officers of the Philadelphia Police Department by funding urgently needed training programs, equipment and community endeavors not provided in the City of Philadelphia’s annual budget. Tax-deductible donations can be made by visiting the Foundation’s website.