Centralized Data Management System: “Infoshare” Intelligence Software

Infoshare is a single document management system that allows officers to easily streamline and manage requests for information and intelligence products, while also allowing collaboration within units. Infoshare extends the ability to access secure data to the entire Department in an organized and searchable manner that meets both federal and state regulations. The technology provides real-time mapping of 911 calls, video surveillance, acoustic gunshot detection, and continuously updated deployment recommendations. It includes a “mobile-ready” solution for information sharing, and real-time situational awareness for use on mobile devices. This technology creates important efficiencies in the Department’s work and increases the overall safety of the community through
streamlined processes.

With Infoshare, the Department can bring together all existing data, regardless of systems, format, language or source. The data is automatically cleansed, analyzed, compared and enriched to create evidence-driven matches rather than using probability comparisons. This improves the levels of accuracy and enables the police to see all related information and to then use this data to reduce crime.

This new unified database will be a substantial enhancement to the effectiveness of crime prevention for people living and working in Philadelphia.