New Police Officer Recruitment Campaign

As the standards by which an individual can become a Philadelphia police officer are raised, understandably, the recruitment of qualified candidates has also become more difficult. In addition, the challenge of continually maintaining the Department’s authorized force level of 6,500 is compounded by the increasing number of longtime officers retiring from the force.

The Department’s goal is to increase the number and diversity of candidates beyond the 1,300 individuals who now typically apply every year, 130 of which complete Police Academy training.

With the assistance of recruitment planning study funded by the Philadelphia Police Foundation, the Department is beginning a new image and brand campaign designed to attract a significantly increased number of qualified candidates. A powerful and enticing recruitment video, combined with high-impact photographs on collateral materials will help the Department more effectively position both its image and recruitment messages in front of targeted audiences. The campaign will be based around a compelling video targeted toward various platforms and will feature positive images and real life experiences of the Department’s officers.

The recruitment plan calls for hiring a professional video production company and photographer to capture the images that will be the hallmark of this new campaign.

  • Videography (Two camera shoot for three full days) // $5,500
  • Editing (For content, sound tracking, length, and text and digital delivery) // $2,700
  • Motion Graphic (High definition 3D animation of PPD shield, logos, and branding themes) // $1,750
  • Photography and Post-production (60 – 80 hours of still photography of every aspect of the PPD) // $4,000