Ongoing Education & Training

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania mandates only limited continuing training for police personnel on an annual basis. The Philadelphia Police Department, however, aspires to demonstrate excellence in policing and this requires education and training beyond the minimum. While some funding in the form of grants has been available on a sporadic basis, Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey has put an emphasis on education and training and is endeavoring to secure outside funding for the following, highly respected training programs. Police Supervisory-In-Service Training (POSIT) Training for first-line supervisors (one-week program) by Penn State faculty at the Academy

  • Target: 210 sergeants & corporals
  • Cost per Class: $12,650
  • Times per Year: 4
  • Total per Year: $50,500

Police Executive Development (POLEX)

Mandatory training for lieutenants (two-week program) at the Academy

  • Target: 25 lieutenants
  • Cost per Class: $19,500
  • Times per Year: 1
  • Total per Year: $19,500

Bias Training

The Fair and Impartial Training Program is a one time, three day “train the trainer” initiative to make officers more aware of the effects of implicit bias and provide the information and skills that officers need to identify and reduce their biases. The curriculum, which has been developed and which will be taught by Dr. Lorie Fridell and her staff, addresses bias in racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and socio-economic status areas.

  • Target: 25 officers (PPD’s designated trainers) from the Training, Patrol and Traffic Bureaus
  • Total Project Cost: $30,000

Senior Management Institute of Police (SMIP)

By the Police Executive Research Forum & Harvard University faculty (three-week program)

  • Target: 1 lieutenant or above
  • Cost per Class: $10,000
  • Times per Year: 3
  • Total per Year: $30,000

Northwestern University School of Police Staff & Command

Training for sergeants and above (10 week program)

  • Target: 319 captains, lieutenants & sgts.
  • Cost per Class: $133,500
  • Times per Year: 1
  • Total per Year: $133,500

In-Service Training Program

The Commissioner’s staff has collaborated with the National Constitution Center to develop a new recruit in-service training program that focuses on the protection of individual constitutional rights.

  • Target: Approximately 300 recruits per year
  • Times per Year: 3
  • Total per Year: $11,000 (rounded)