Replacement of Highway Patrol Motorcycles

All 51 members of the Highway Patrol are qualified as motorcycle patrol officers, certified to operate one of the Unit’s 45 motorcycles. In addition to its routine patrolling of highways in marked and unmarked vehicles, this unit also performs a multitude of other important and very public functions on motorcycles including escorting dignitaries, traffic and crowd control for major city functions and events, and performing in the annual Hero Thrill Show to raise funds for the college tuition of children of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. The unit also has a unique role in the Department’s “Rolling Thunder” strikes which saturate certain high crime areas of the city several times a year.

Unfortunately, 14 of the Unit’s 45 Harley Davidson Road King motorcycles were manufactured in 1991, almost 25 years ago. For all practical purposes, because of the inability to locate engine parts, the exceedingly high mileage, and just the routine wear and tear of 25 years of heavy street use, these 14 motorcycles are obsolete, unreliable or simply out of commission.

With Philadelphia being the host city of several national and international events in the coming years, the Department is seeking funding to replace as many of these motorcycles as possible.

In May 2015, the Foundation’s Board of Directors allocated $36,200 of contributed funds for the purchase of the first two of the 14 motorcycles.