Replacement of Long Guns

The Philadelphia Police Foundation is seeking corporate sponsors to help us raise funds to purchase long guns for our Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross has made an urgent plea for funding to immediately replace outdated firearms used by SWAT officers, the Department’s highly trained sharpshooters. SWAT officers regularly perform some of the most dangerous operations in police work yet their current arsenal is antiquated and needs to be replaced.

Six of the Unit’s rifles were purchased in 1998 and the remaining eight rifles have been in use since 1993. Our SWAT team’s inability to operate with state-of-theart weapons could put officers at a serious disadvantage when dealing with VIP protection details, barricaded persons, snipers and other situations that call for their specialized marksmen talents. Several months ago, Dallas lost five officers within an hour to a sniper. We don’t want that to happen in Philadelphia.