Strengthening the New Officer Recruitment Program

The Philadelphia Police Recruiting Unit seeks to effectively create and utilize more engaging, high impact promotional materials to gain a greater level of visibility when competing in the job market for qualified applicants. In simple terms, the Department is competing for the same strong, capable candidates with other regional police departments and with the business world in general.

Studies have consistently documented that distinctively branded promotional products have effective lasting value. Well-designed promotional products are usually kept and repeatedly used, with the advertiser’s name and key message retained.

At present the Recruiting Unit has neither the quantity nor quality of promotional materials that can make an impact at recruiting functions. As one aspect of a more aggressive recruitment effort, it is important that the Unit’s display table set-ups at job fairs and community events stand out from the others and provide an immediate and positive visual experience to attract potential recruits. Booths with appealing promotional materials and high quality, eyecatching posters will increase the Department’s visibility at these important events and help attract the attention of potential applicants.

An adequate annual budget for the Recruiting Unit’s expanded efforts includes the following:

  • Printed brochures (30,000), rack cards (30,000), and promotional items (12,000) $22,200
  • Posters (2,400) and half-page flyers (30,000) $6,800