SWAT Team Helmets

The Philadelphia Police Department’s elite Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) needs to replace its aging head gear with new state-of-the-art ballistic helmets that will not only provide enhanced coverage and protection, but will also allow SWAT to perform their duties in a more focused and safe manner.

Modern ballistic helmets for use by elite tactical units like SWAT are significantly safer because they are capable of stopping all handgun threats while providing more coverage of the head, neck and face. They are lighter, stronger, and more comfortable to wear, helping to reduce stress and fatigue. The helmets can be integrated into the Department’s existing communications system and they support wireless hands-free communication to ensure that all members of the unit can be in contact with each other as well as with first responders and off-site command staff.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross has made an urgent plea for funding 75 new helmets to immediately replace the current helmets worn by SWAT team members. SWAT officers regularly perform some of the most dangerous operations in police work, yet their current head gear is antiquated and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Inadequate head protection presents an unacceptable but avoidable safety risk to the SWAT team, and it could put officers at a serious disadvantage when it comes to effectively doing their job.

Funding for new high-tech helmets is not included in the city’s budget for the Department, and as a result the Foundation will be seeking new donors to help fund this essential piece of equipment. As noted by an existing investor in PPF, “the SWAT team is devoted to protecting us, now it is time for us to help protect them.”

Cost for one helmet: $960
Helmets needed: 75