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To our Friends and Supporters

We all watched with angst, sadness, concern and horror as we viewed in real time the shootout that transpired in North Philadelphia on Wednesday, Aug. 14. We are all thanking God today that, miraculously, no police officers or civilians were killed or seriously injured. We were reminded once again of the bravery and selfless commitment the men and women of our Philadelphia Police Department show on a daily basis.


Funds raised go directly toward providing the needed equipment and materials to help improve public safety. Past efforts have included funding for:

  • Customized body armor for Police K9 Unit dogs
  • Eight motorcycles for Police Highway Patrol
  • Funding for Police Explorer Cadet Program
  • K-8 scholarships for children of police officers killed or seriously injured
  • Bicycles and related equipment for the Police Bike Unit
  • Equipment and funding for the Mounted Patrol Unit
  • Kevlar bulletproof vests
  • Supervisory training
  • Holocaust Museum and Anti-Defamation League Training

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