Making The Most Impact

Our Mission

The mission of the Philadelphia Police Foundation is to provide important support and resources to the Philadelphia Police Department to assist the Department in ensuring the safety and security of the city’s residents, visitors and businesses.

Where the City of Philadelphia’s budget ends, the work of the Philadelphia Police Foundation (PPF) begins. Established in 1998, the PPF is the only organization authorized to raise funds for the Philadelphia Police Department. Over the past three years, Philadelphia area individuals, businesses and foundations have generously contributed over $2.0 million to underwrite over a dozen of the Department’s most critical, but unbudgeted priorities.  Initiatives to date include scholarships for the children of fallen and critically injured officers, vital life-saving new equipment for the SWAT Team and Highway Patrol, anti-bias training for police leaders citywide and for police cadets, KN95 protective face masks and critical technology software that will save lives and help solve crimes.

While the Foundation is proud of its efforts and impact to date, its work is far from complete, especially in this era of reduced government funding at the federal, state and local levels. Moreover, the Philadelphia Police Department has seen an increased demand for its services throughout the city at a time when modern-day police work requires the acquisition of ever-more sophisticated and expensive equipment and technology, allowing the Department to better fulfill its mission of ensuring the safety and security of Philadelphia’s residents, workers and visitors.

Core Beliefs/Values

  • The Philadelphia Police Foundation stands for Transparent, Equitable and Accountable policing and supports the Philadelphia Police Department in serving every Community justly and fairly in our mission to bring about a safer city for all residents, visitors, and the work force.
  • We live in a time when police officers are not just guardians protecting against crime and surging gun violence, but very much social workers tasked with addressing overwhelming national issues like homelessness, addiction, mental health, and so much more. The PPF is a solution provider to better policing in Philadelphia.


  • Our vision is to help Philadelphia Police operate at the highest level of service, accountability, and transparency — ultimately bringing about better policing and enhanced safety for everyone. Our efforts continue to expand as we aim to generate more significant impacts in response to the continued decrease of city resources amidst increased demands put on the Philadelphia Police Department.