New Motorcycles for Highway Patrols

In the late spring of 2022, the PPF purchased twelve (12) new Highway Patrol Motorcycles for the Philadelphia Police Department. A significant number of The Philadelphia Police Department’s Highway Patrol fleet are in need of replacement of condemned motorcycles and motorcycles in disrepair due to age and the cost of repairs. The PPD Highway Patrol serves the entire City of Philadelphia of approximately 1.6 million residents in a geographical area of 141.7 square miles.

Highway Patrol is responsible for various assignments that utilize motorcycles, including but not limited to:

  • Community Engagement
  • Crowd Control
  • Major Events
  • Fallen Officer Escorts
  • Training
  • Patrols in High Crime/Violent Areas
  • Proactive Patrols (Motorcycle Crime Beats)
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Investigations
  • Dignitary Protection

In addition, with high visibility events like the World Cup, America 250 (semi-quincentennial) and MLB All-Star game all coming to Philadelphia in the very near future, this purchase will meet this fast-approaching timeline.

141 Square Miles Covered by Highway Patrol
12 New Motorcycles Purchased by PPF
1.6M Residents Served by Highway Patrol
officer smiling on street

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Letter from the Philadelphia Police Foundation