Police Bicycles and Bike Patrol Uniforms

The Philadelphia Police Department serves three hundred (300) commercial corridors in the City of Philadelphia. Ninety-two (92) of the commercial corridors are targeted for additional support and investment by the Commerce Department. These selected commercial corridors are neighborhood-based, pedestrian, and transit-oriented, and have a high density of commercial spaces — an average of one hundred (100) businesses in a four (4) block area.

The PPD currently has beat/bike officers assigned to eighteen (18) of these zones. In order to have all the commercial corridors covered, eighty (80) locations will need at least one (1) officer assigned. Each officer assigned will need to undergo bike training, receive a bike uniform and a fully equipped police Haro bike.

The Philadelphia Police Foundation will purchase eighty (80) fully equipped police bicycles and officer uniforms to support the staffing of bike officers for critical commercial areas in the city.

300 Commercial Corridors in Philadelphia
92 Selected Commercial Corridors Targeted for Support
80 Fully Equip Bicycles
officer smiling on street

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Letter from the Philadelphia Police Foundation