Op Ed: National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

January 10, 2019

As we celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, it is a great time to pause and thank all of the Law Enforcement Officers across the country who put their lives on the line every day to keep citizens safe.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Police Foundation, I would like to particularly thank and commend the 6,464 sworn officers of the Philadelphia Police Department. Under the leadership of Police Commissioner Richard Ross, these officers responded to 2,367,890 911 emergency calls in 2018. Many of these calls for service never make the evening news. Police officers serve the citizens of Philadelphia in many ways…. as social workers, moms, dads, doctors, and yes-emergency first responder. The breadth of service they deliver ranges from responding to a homicide to comforting an elderly woman who is alone in her home and just needed someone to comfort her, and everything in between.

Police officers never know what it on the other side of a 911 call until they arrive on the scene. Often, they must make split second decisions that have life and death consequences for themselves and the civilians they are trying to serve and protect. The Board of the Directors of the Philadelphia Police Foundation understand this and that is why we work to raise funds to support the unbudgeted, but much needed equipment, training and other needs that aid our police officers in the field remain safe while they serve the community.

The Philadelphia Police Department’s moto is Honesty, Integrity and Service. The women and men of the Philadelphia Police Department live this mission daily.
So today as we celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – take a moment to thank every police officer you see.

To learn more about the Philadelphia Police Foundation and how you can help support the Philadelphia Police Department visit our website www.phillypolicefoundation.org

-Maureen S. Rush

Maureen S. Rush is President of the Philadelphia Police Foundation and Vice President for Public Safety and Superintendent of Police at the University of Pennsylvania.

Letter from the Philadelphia Police Foundation